We don't carry your pigeons, but we do carry your Twitter attachments!
Due to changes in Twitter and Dropbox, we are unable to provide further support for Pigeon Carrier. Nevertheless, feel free to try the plugin out anyways!

Step 1 Download the Extension for Google Chrome

Step 2 Visit Twitter and start a tweet

Step 2

Step 3 Click the "Add Attachment" button

Step 3

Step 4 Authorize the extension with Dropbox

Step 4

Step 5 Upload some files

Step 5

Step 6 Sit back and relax

Step 6

Step 7 Click "Attach" to insert the attachments

Step 7

Step 8 See that link in your tweet? Click it.

Step 8

Step 9 Preview the files or just download them

Step 9

Step 10 Pigeon Carrier success!

Step 10